Value-Holdings International AG

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Corporate profile:
In December 2014 U.C.A. acquired a 3% share (=78,976 shares) in Value-Holdings International AG.

Value-Holdings International AG began life as NB Nebenwerte-Beteiligungen AG. The change of company name to Value-Holdings International AG took place in mid-2008, after VALUE-HOLDINGS AG had taken over the majority of the company.

Value-Holdings International AG concentrates on listed investments in Germany and other European countries. Here the company has recourse to the expertise of Value-Holdings AG, which analyses approx. 150 German and 100 European listed companies on a regular basis. All investment decisions are based on the "Value-Investing" strategy which has been operating successfully for many years.

Value-Holdings International AG is a purely portfolio company without its own business operations. Via a utilisation and surrender contract drawn up with Value-Holdings AG the company can make use of the latter's offices and the facilities they contain. In addition a staff transfer agreement has also been concluded for the directors so that they can also act as directors without payment of Value-Holdings International AG.

The yardstick for the success of the company is the development of the value of the investments held. For this reason Value-Holdings International AG publishes the company's net inventory value every month. In order to permit shareholders to participate in an appropriate manner in the company's success, Value-Holdings International AG pursues a policy of continuous dividend payments.

3% (listed company)