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Sensual wellness area

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The WOMANIZER Group is an established company for premium products in the sensual wellness sector. In mid-2018, Womanizer Group Manage­ment GmbH and Standard Innovation Corporation® joined. The two compa­nies create a new global leader in the sex toy industry. By investing in inno­vation, marketing, opening up new markets and expanding the IP portfolio, the leading brands We-Vibe® and Womanizer will be strengthened for the future.

The two companies are managed under the newly formed holding WOW Tech Group. The WOW Tech Group, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, consists of several companies in North America, Europe and Asia that develop and distribute high-quality products for love life. WOW Tech Group brands We-Vibe® and Womanizer® are available in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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