Investor Relations


  • Sale of MicroVenture/COREST holding by U.C.A.
  • Sale of Performaxx GmbH by Web Holding
  • "Retirement" of DealFriends GmbH, medInvestor AG and i-Manager AG
  • Suspension of operations of Finderia and Climasol
  • "Cocooning" of the U.C.A. Group, abandonment of the 5-brand strategy, focusing

  • Participation by DeTeBe in ID 8 GmbH, Ulm, and re-sale
  • Expansion of DealFriends GmbH
  • Increase in holding in Sportnex to 33% by Web Holding

  • Founding of i-Manager AG
  • Participation by Web Holding in Finderia Media GmbH
  • Founding of DealFriends GmbH by Web Holding and U.C.A.
  • Financing rounds at Sportnex and Plan Optik

  • Continuation and/or after-effects of the general financial crisis
  • Web Holding acquires MedLEARNING GmbH
  • Sale of COW Lifting Technologies by DeTeBe
  • Participation in LTeg GmbH by DeTeBe
  • CAESAR registers insolvency

  • Continuing financial crisis hinders exits of investment companies
  • Development of a 5-brand strategy with U.C.A. , DeTeBe, WebHolding, COREST, medInvestor
  • Sale of Bautest GmbH to the Dutch KWA Group by DeTeBe
  • COREST AG acquires Perleberg AG, Bochum
  • Founding of medInvestor AG, Munich, together with novineon partners
  • DeTeBe acquires Cow Lifting Technologies
  • Increase in participation in aovo Touristik AG from 26% to 39%
  • medInvestor invests in Ophtametrics, Zürich
  • Web Holding invests in Beyond Data GmbH, Rheinbach
  • Web Holding AG invests in KABOA GmbH
  • Web Holding participates in a capital increase by Sportnex GmbH
  • Sale of Datapharm AG by die Web Holding

> Earlier years
  • Takeover of OTS by aovo Touristik AG
  • IPO of DeTebe at the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Founding of Web Holding AG and pooling of internet holdings of U.C.A.
  • Intercard takes over IntraKey Consult
  • COREST AG takes over Eurotops Versandgruppe from Tchibo
  • Sale of Sevenval AG to YOC AG
  • DeTeBe acquires CAESAR Datensysteme GmbH

  • IPO of aovo Touristik AG, Hannover, at the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Founding of COREST AG, Düsseldorf and restructuring of the MicroVenture Group
  • Continued development of Sevenval AG, Cologne, and Performaxx AG, Munich
  • DeTeBe invests in Frank Optic Products
  • IPO of Intercard AG Informationssysteme at the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

  • Deutsche Technologie Beteiligungen AG acquires a majority share in four German medium-sized companies:
    1. Plan Optik AG, Elsoff
    2. Card3 GmbH, Villingen-Schwenningen
    3. Climasol GmbH, Neu-Ulm
    4. Bautest GmbH, Augsburg
  • 29.12.2005: IPO of Plan Optik AG at the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
  • U.C.A. invests in sportnex GmbH and 20six Weblog Services AG.

  • Founding of Deutsche Technologie Beteiligungen AG, specialised in profitable medium-sized German companies with a focus on technology.

  • Optimisation of asset management to take into account defined aspects of systems and risks.

  • Restructuring of U.C.A. Aktiengesellschaft by concentrating the consultancy and investment business on established medium-sized firms.

  • Renaming of U.C.A. Unternehmer Consult AG as U.C.A. Aktiengesellschaft
  • Sale of the strategic investments BioMed Venture, THE internet.z and M&A Systemhouse
  • Complete sale of all shares in the listed investments QXL ricardo, Mediantis, IMH, Advanced Medien and Datapharm Netsystems
  • Adjustment of the portfolio to 19 direct and indirect investments
  • Increase in shares in Softing AG, a company listed at the Neuer Markt, to 19.05%

  • Further capital measures resulting in the increase of the number of shares to 7.910 million
  • Acquisition of 12 new holdings, founding and strategic investment in BioMed Venture AG
  • Realisation of wide-ranging investment profits
  • Acquisition of 26% of NanoFocus Messtechnik GmbH
  • Acquisition of and strategic investment in MicroVenture
  • Two IPOs of holdings on the Neuer Markt

  • March: Capital increase in the ratio 10:1 and increase in the number of shares to 2.376 million from 2.160 million
  • Share split in the ratio 3:1: tripling of the number of shares from 2.376 million to 7.128 million
  • Six IPOs by holdings, of which four are on the Neuer Markt and one each on the Munich Prädikatsmarkt and the Munich unofficial market
  • Acquisition of four strategic holdings in THE Internet.z, InternetCommunities, Performaxx and M&A SystemHouse
  • Acquisition of ten further holdings

  • MBO through the long-standing Executive Directors Dr. Joachim Kaske and Dr. Jürgen Steuer as well as the founding of U.C.A. Unternehmer Consult AG as parent company of U.C.A. Unternehmer Consult Gesellschaft für M&A mbH
  • Investment in and four further pre-IPO investments
  • December: IPO on the Prädikatsmarkt, Munich

  • Start of the classic M&A activity

  • First investments; Main focus on buy-out advice (until 1993)

  • Founding of HYPO Consult GmbH as subsidiary of the Bayerische Hypotheken- und Wechsel-Bank AG