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U.C.A. AG Sells Shareholding

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U.C.A. AG has today entered into an agreement with Elbstein AG, Hamburg. Elbstein AG will acquire all shares held by U.C.A. AG in the company Deutsche Technologie Beteiligungen AG, Munich. U.C.A. AG sold 60.88% of outstanding shares in Deutsche Technologie Beteiligungen AG. The parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Preliminary Result from 30 June 2017 after HG

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U.C.A. generated revenues of €37k (previous year €29k). The balance of interest income and interest expenses, as well as proceeds from sales of securities, total €339k (previous year €104k). By contrast, total costs amounted to €303k (previous year €307k). Preliminary earnings before taxes show a surplus of €73k (previous year loss of -€174k). U.C.A. Group's free cash flow (including liquid stock held for investment, valued at rates in accordance with commercial law as of 31/12/2016) totals €8.2 million.

As of the middle of 2017, the U.C.A. Group directly owns shares in five companies. In addition to a targeted exit strategy for its portfolio, U.C.A. is selectively seeking out new investment opportunities.

VHI: 2016 Annual Review

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  • VHI's portfolio has developed in a very pleasing way over the course of the year.
  • As a result, the net asset value (NAV) increased over the year by 14.4% to €3.33 per share (previous year: €2.91). It is important to note the ex-dividend markdown of €0.07 per share following the Annual General Meeting in April 2016.
  • Including the dividend, the increase in NAV amounted to approximately 16.8% in 2016.
  • The debt to equity ratio of the VHI portfolio was 79% at the beginning of the financial year. The company was able to take advantage of volatile share prices during the first half of the year and significantly expand its investment portfolio. The investment ratio totalled 87% at the end of the 2016 financial year. The liquidity ratio was 13%.
  • Shares increased considerably in value from €8.5 million to €10.8 million as a result of acquisitions and due to positive share price performance.
  • The portfolio's top performers over the course of 2016 as a whole were: Ringmetall (+90%), Grammer (+74%) and Uniwheels (+68%).
  • The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board are proposing a 14% dividend increase, i.e. an increase of €0.08 per share (compared with €0.07 the previous year).

Georg Geiger (Chair of Value Holdings AG) commented, "Value Holdings AG expects an increase in earnings during the 2017 financial year, unless this is thwarted by unforeseen events. Both dividend earnings and investment income are expected to increase against the previous year."

Information on the First Quarter of 2017

  • As of 28/02/2017, the net asset value (NAV) of Value-Holdings International AG (VHI) totalled €3.46 per share, amounting to an increase of 0.6% during the month of February.
  • The NAV increased by 3.9% since the beginning of 2017. DAX (+3.1%) and EuroStoxx50 (+0.9%) grew at a disproportionally low rate.
MedLearning Notches Up New All-Time High

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MedLearning AG delivered an exceptionally strong operational performance in 2016. The number of customers and training courses on offer are growing steadily and developing very positively. In addition, the number of framework agreements that have been entered into with a large number of existing customers are notably contributing towards the continuous increase in revenue. The new framework agreements that were entered into with several pharmaceutical companies are especially pleasing.

  • MedLearning achieved a new all-time high in its offering size in the first quarter of 2017.
  • This saw the value of the dividends doubling in 2017 compared with the previous year.
  • MedLearning AG has achieved the following objectives to date: 503 CMEs in 36 subject specialisms, more than 412 authors, over 74,000 doctors who subscribe to the newsletter and over 265,000 CME points.

Dr. Jürgen Steuer (CEO of U.C.A. AG) commented, "We expect growth to continue in 2017 due to the very healthy order book. MedLearning has significantly increased in value since 2016." Matteo Morelli (Executive Board Member at MedLearning AG) commented, "Developments to date have exceeded all our expectations."

U.C.A. AG Participation in WOMANIZER Group

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U.C.A. AG has acquired a 3.69% holding in the WOMANIZER Group.

After successful revenues growth in recent years, the WOMANIZER Group, inventor of the patented, revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology® is thus strengthened as it embarks on the next exciting growth phase.

Michael Lenke, the company's founder and CEO, is banking on internationalisation and is making use in this respect of the strength of a powerful financial partner whom he has succeeded in winning over for the WOMANIZER Group. Under the management of Dr. Richard Lenz, who represents a group of businessmen and Family Offices, he aims at increased expansion in Asia and North America with the premium products of WOMANIZER as well as the continued development of the company's product portfolio.

Annual General Meeting of aovo Touristik AG

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The 9th Public Annual General Meeting of aovo Touristik AG will take place on 27 August 2015 at Veranstaltungspark Kastanienhof, Am Mittelfelde 102, 30519 Hannover.

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July 2015
Novartis expands its oncological training series

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MedLearning AG operates, one of the leading portals for online medical training in Germany. MedLearning offers partners the opportunity to present training courses in their own individual layout and to design the educational presentation of the content which is to be taught.

As a consequence of the exchange between the pharmaceutical manufacturers Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline in the fields of vaccines and oncology, all online oncological training courses on > have been taken over by Novartis.


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In July 2015 two new training courses on the therapy of renal cell carcinoma and soft tissue sarcoma will go online. Novartis intends to expand its further training series with further interesting courses by the end of the year.

Plan Optik AG implements high accuracy laser patterning technology

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Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of glass, quartz and glass-Si compound wafers has added laser patterning to its structuring techniques recently. Glass, quartz (eg fused silica) and silicon can be patterned generating an extremely high accuracy.

Laser patterning is used for small feature sizes down to 20 microns. Patterning of different layer depths typically requires different process runs. Between each run, alignment to the previous layer is mandatory. In laser patterning, different layers will be processed in one run. No alignement will be necessary which increases layer to layer accuracy dramatically.

Compared to other common patterning techniques such as wet-chemical etching or sand blasting, laser patterning enables much higher aspect ratios and leads to a much better accuracy and very smooth patterned edges.

Even pre-cutting or dicing into small dies can be materialized.

Laser patterning works directly from your layout file which could be .dxf, .gds or .dwg. Other file types could typically also be used after converting them. This enables a very fast and cheap prototyping since no masks are needed.

Plan Optik AG implemented laser patterning in addition to it's already existing bulk micro machining methods. Together with wet etching, ultra sonic drilling, diamond tool drilling and sand blasting Plan Optik is now using all relevant glass and quartz surface micro machining methods in house. This makes Plan Optik the one stop shop for all patterned glass and quartz parts for MEMS and semiconductor applications.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, Plan Optik employs quality management systems certified to ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Please click > here to get your personal quotation on laser patterned wafers which fit to your needs perfectly.

July 2015
Sportnex - 100% Original fan articles

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Under the umbrella brand > fans will find 100% original fan articles of their favourite club. In addition to classic auctions Sportnex frequently offers special offers for immediate purchase on the auction platform. These are official limited editions of T-shirts, caps, scarves or other merchandising articles which have been developed with the clubs concerned. Customers can also purchase individualised articles.

Sportnex operates the platform independently and for its own account. Apart from auction management the core tasks of Sportnex include customer service, payment and logistics.

In cooperation with the clubs Sportnex develops appropriate advertising articles in order to publicise the platform and provides the clubs with suitable advertising media for the clubs' own websites.

In addition to an additional sourve of income for the clubs the auction house provide the clubs with an attractive, innovative customer loyalty opportunity.

January 2015
Musical expertise is expanded further
Musical offers of the own brand aovoREISEN are being offered via new channels

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During the first quarter of the year the musical offers of the own brand aovoREISEN are being integrated exclusively into the travel portal as an own Shop. Head of Sales Björn Oberländer is delighted to have concluded such a successful deal right at the beginning of the year.

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Plan Optik AG during business year 2012 - profitable growth

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During the business year 2012 Plan Optik AG has returned to a profitable growth course. According to the preliminary figures revenues improved to EUR 6.245 million (previous year 6.02), and the revenue from ordinary activities (EBT) increased disproportionally to TEUR 111 (previous year -468). After a sluggish start, Plan Optik thus succeeded in achieving an excellent second half-year in 2012.

According to preliminary figures, the revenues in the Plan Optik Group amounted to EUR 7.419 million (previous year 7.07). The revenue from ordinary activities (EBT) improved to TEUR 212 (previous year -440). The subsidiary companies Little Things Factory GmbH (Elsoff) and MMT GmbH (Siegen) are consolidated in the group assessment. The figures for the previous year are correspondingly shown as pro-forma concern figures.

The good order situation within the automotive sector and the expansion of business in the carrier wafer sector have both contributed to the improved revenues and results situation. The Plan Optik concern has started the current business year on a successful note. The revenues to date and the currently stable incoming orders permit us to expect a continued improvement of both revenues and profits from a present-day perspective.

DeTeBe relocates InterCard shares

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In March 2013 Deutsche Technologie Beteiligungen AG (DeTeBe) sold a total of 195,500 shares in InterCard AG Informationssysteme off-market. The shares were broadly scattered among several institutional investors and a strategic investor.

InterCard AG Informationssysteme had previously already successfully placed a capital increase of 120,000 shares with institutional investors.

Through the transactions it was possible not only to broaden the free float of the InterCard shares but also to strengthen the shareholder basis. We expect that the new shareholder structure and the increased strengthening of the equity base will generally result in a positive incentive for the company.

Deutsche Technologie Beteiligungen AG continues to hold 214,818 shares in InterCard AG Informationssysteme and hence to participate in the success of the company. After the registration of the capital increase this corresponds to 16.27% of the shares.

In addition, DeTeBe holds a total of 1,003,222 shares in the listed company Plan Optik AG, representing 23.47% of the shares.

Following the relocation and following the payment of dividends in 2012, the uncommitted funds of DeTeBe lie today at EUR 3.22 million.

The relocation of the shares of InterCard AG Informationssysteme was accompanied exclusively by GBC Kapital GmbH, Augsburg, as lead manager.

InterCard: EBT increased disproportionally

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InterCard AG Informationssysteme grew profitably during the business year 2012. Preliminary figures show consolidated revenues in the concern amounting to EUR 9.6 million (previous year 9.32). The concern's result before taxes (EBT) grew disproportionately to TEUR 630 (previous year 463), whereby the initial losses of MobileServices GmbH Informationssysteme (founded in September 2012) amounting to TEUR 30 have been taken into account. Preliminary figures indicate that the EBIT amounts to TEUR 780 (previous year 588). The result per share amounts to EUR 0.36 (previous year 0.11). The subsidiary company IntraKey technologies GmbH (Dresden) has also continued the positive development.

With the company result shown here and the successfully placed capital increase, InterCard has excellent capital resources with which to finance the company's planned continued growth.

InterCard and Intrakey started the new business year with a high level of orders. During the current business year the demand for migration solutions continues, and new customers have also been acquired. Extensive new projects are currently being implemented for the University Hospital in Magdeburg, the University of Veterinary Science in Hannover, the University of Vechta and the Max Planck Institute for Legal History in Frankfurt. Successful sales have also been achieved in Switzerland and Italy.

InterCard's subsidiary company MobileServices GmbH has also acquired its first customer for the new mobile applications, such as smartphone apps in a university environment.

InterCard places capital increase from authorised capital

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The Board of InterCard AG Informationssysteme decided on the basis of resolution passed at the shareholders' meeting on 23 June 2009 and with the agreement of the supervisory board to effect a capital increase against cash contribution under exclusion of the purchase right of the shareholders using a part of the authorised capital from 2009. The capital increase has already been placed. The basic capital of the company is to be increased from EUR 1,200,000.00 by EUR 120,000.00 to EUR 1,320,000.00 by issuing 120,000 new bearer shares with a calculated share of the basic capital of EUR 1.00 per share against a cash contribution on the day of emission of EUR 3.60 per share. The new shares will be entitled to participate in dividends from 1 January 2013. For this reason the integration of the new shares into the existing quotation for the old company shares (ISIN DE00A0JC0V8) will take place at a later date, after the next annual general meeting has been held (equalisation of right to participate in profits).

Baader Bank AG, Munich was approved for the subscription of the new shares with the proviso that the new shares should be offered to selected investors within the framework of a private placement. The new shares are to be included without prospectus in trading in the unofficial market (Entry Standard) at the Stock Exchange Frankfurt.

After completion of the capital increase the company will achieve gross underwriting revenues of EUR 432,000. The income is to be used for the expansion of new business areas, for example smartphone apps.

The capital increase was accompanied by GBC Kapital, BankM and Baader Bank.

InterCard: Continuing on a profitable growth course

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InterCard AG Informationssysteme, the German market leader in the field of multifunctional chipcard systems for universities, continues to pursue its profitable growth course. Increases are expected during the current year in both revenues and EBT.

Two deferred projects in the areas of printing and copying management at InterCard as well as the delay in construction completion in the case of one IntraKey project - by several weeks in each case, running into the third quarter - have resulted in a modest overall picture with figures after six months of the current business year amounting to consolidated concern revenues of EUR 3.923 million (previous year 4.235) with an EBT amounting to TEUR 1 (previous year 162).

In the meantime, these projects which were delayed by a few weeks have been completed and accounts presented. Together with the orders which were completed according to schedule, preliminary figures indicate consolidated concern revenues as of 30 September 2012 amounting to approx. EUR 6.82 million with an EBT of approx. TEUR 450. The previously announced annual targets of concern revenues of EUR 9.7 million with an EBT of TEUR 650 can therefore remain in place in view of existing orders. Detailed information can be found in the half-yearly report under

The demand for multifunctional chipcard systems and for intelligent access and time-tracking systems of the kind offered by our subsidiary company Intrakey, continues at a high level. InterCard has been awarded a major contract by the Hochschulverbund Osnabrück, encompassing the university, technical university and student services, which will introduce the Campus Card with a wide range of functions during the fourth quarter. Intrakey also reports major contracts from the University of Mainz, the University Library in Darmstadt, and interesting contracts for prestigious projects in Switzerland and Alto Adige which will also be reflected in revenues during the current year.

With the founding of MobileServices GmbH Informationssysteme (Hamburg) the basis for further expansion has been established. The previously acquired assets of Mobile Services have been incorporated into this subsidiary company of InterCard AG. As a first step the new product will be marketed to existing customers within the framework of the upgrade strategy. After its implementation into university systems, the marketing of corresponding apps to consumers, in other words to students, lecturers and employees at the universities, will be introduced as a second stage. The aim is to achieve a highly scalable business model.

Plan Optik AG reports figures for the half-year

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During the first half-year of 2012 Plan Optik AG achieved sales revenue amounting to EUR 2.911 million and a total output amounting to EUR 2.967 million. The result of ordinary business activity (EBT) amounted to TEUR -129 (previous year -235).

On a month-by-month basis, Plan Optik moved clearly back into the profit zone during the second quarter. Supported by the strong order situation since the beginning of the year and a third quarter which has been very successful to date, we can assume from a present-day perspective that there will be an increase in revenues for the year as a whole as well as a positive annual result.

The subsidiary company MMT GmbH (Siegen) started the business year very successfully with an increase in revenues of over 20% to TEUR 567 and an EBIT margin of more than 9%. The subsidiary company Little Things Factory GmbH (Elsoff) maintained steady revenues and achieved a balanced result for the first six months.

August 2012
InterCard takes over MobileServices GmbH
- Entry into the field of mobile apps

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The listed company InterCard AG Informationssystem has taken over MobileServices GmbH Informationssysteme within the framework of an asset deal.

The MobileServices product "campus-to-go" brings the functionality of the InterCard world quickly and safely onto smartphones and tablet PCs such as iPad, Nexus or Galaxy. Mobile services via so-called apps and web-apps permit students, lecturers and employees to gain access to the relevant information about their university and their student services anywhere and at any time.

Teaching sessions, examination result and registration status, general university dates and news, canteen menus, plans of the campus, local public transport timetables and internal and external website that have been optimised for smartphones/tablets are thus more generally available.

Plan Optik AG: Founding of Asia Branch
- Good incoming order situation during the first half-year 2012

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The increasing business volume of Plan Optik AG in Asia led to the decision to open our own branch in Hong Kong. This presence should enable us to take better advantage of the high potential for Plan Optik's products in Asia. In addition to the sales office, distribution logistics services can then be coordinated on the spot.

The decision was based on the overall positive recent business development of Plan Optik AG. During the first quarter of 2012 incoming orders were increased compared with the previous quarter by approx. 100%. During the second quarter of 2012 incoming orders increased again compared with the first quarter by over 40%. From a present-day perspective the good incoming order status will reveal its full effect during the second half-year and will lead to a marked increase in revenues and results.

U.C.A. sells its 20% holding in MicroVenture/COREST

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U.C.A. and its co-investors WestLB and KfW have jointly divested themselves of their shares in MicroVenture GmbH & Co. KGaA, Düsseldorf, and have sold them to the previous main shareholder, TBF Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Düsseldorf. Among other investments, MicroVenture is the majority shareholder via COREST AG and TopAgers AG in Eurotops Versand GmbH in Langenfeld. The U.C.A. 20% share in MicroVenture was acquired in 2000 and experienced over the past almost 12 years a varied but predominantly positive development with MicroVenture. Having started as an investment company for micro- and nanotechnology, MicroVenture had adapted in line with the necessary trends within the market and had recently developed into an investor in companies requiring restructuring. Eurotops had been purchased by the Tchibo Group and had been transformed under the management of MicroVenture/COREST into a high-revenue, high-profit company. The parties involved have committed themselves by contract to treat the details of the sale in confidence.

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